Pricing Policy

  • Unless expressly noted, the quotation may only be valid for 30 days.
  • The price quotation includes stone, shop supplies, stone fabrication and polishing, delivery and installation, but excludes removal of existing countertop, plumbing, electrical work and woodwork.
  • There is no guarantee on availability of remnant pieces without a deposit.
  • No project is entered into the production schedule without receipt of the deposit (e. 75% of the quotation). Payment of deposit is regarded as accepting the quotation.
  • The final price may differ depending on the actual template/measurements.
  • Any changes made after templating or field measuring may not only change the price, but may also cause an extended delay in fabrication and installation. All changes MUST be made in writing.
  • There is a restocking fee of 20% of the quotation price should client change mind before fabrication. There is absolutely no cancellations after starting of fabrication.
  • There may be an additional charge for return(s) to a jobsite (e.g. holes drillings, cooktop cut out, and lack of accessibility). In addition, we cannot guarantee an immediate return due to our work schedule.
  • Unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon, failure to remit balance due upon the completion of the job may result in the removal of the products. Furthermore, we reserve the right to take legal actions or file a lien against your property.
  • Balance of payment is due immediately upon completion of the project. Returned cheque fee is $50 each occurrence. For late payment, we charge a 1.25% per month for interest and handling fee.
  • COV19 pricing. Shipping costs have been increased due to COV19. We, as a fabricator, have the possibility to pass on those higher costs to our clients.
  • There are circumstances that we need to have an invoice with higher $ amount than the quotation.

Fabrication & Installation Policy

  • All cabinet work and anything that can affect final dimensions must be present to Granite City Ltd prior to templating.
  • Fabrication may not start until all cutting information has been obtained (including sinks, faucets, cooktops, downdrafts, etc.)
  • Backsplashes’ information has to be presented to Granite City prior to templating.
  • Client’s measurements may be subject to adjustments when final measurements are taken and templates are created.
  • Fabrication may proceed after client(s) has signed the Addendum to Quotation & Agreement.
  • All under-mount sinks are the responsibility of the homeowner or builder. They should be in our office no later than one week from the deposit payment. Installation and maintenance of any cast iron sink is the responsibility of the homeowner or builder and is not covered by our warranty.
  • Client is responsible for providing sufficient decking and/or supporting structures for area(s) of installation.
  • We do not mount or recommend mounting a dishwasher directly to the countertops. If a dishwasher is not mounted to the cabinetry, we recommend using a dishwasher-mounting bracket.
  • All cooktops, faucets, soap dispensers, and top-mounted sinks have to be on the jobsite on the day of installation. If they cannot be on the jobsite, cut out will be made to the dimensions submitted to us in writing by customer. No verbal verifications will be accepted. We are not responsible for errors resulting from customer’s specifications.
  • Mirrors mounted above backsplashes or countertops are the responsibility of the homeowner or builder. Existing mirrors are to be removed before installation of our products. Mirrors are only to be installed after our installation is complete.
  • We are not responsible for any damages should we have to take things apart.
  • Our installation is warranted for one year and is limited to circumstances.
  • All thickness descriptions are nominal and can vary as much as +/- 1/8”.
  • Due to circumstances, all countertop measurement descriptions can vary as much as +/- 1”.
  • Seams / Joints will be located at our discretion.

Stone Policy

  • Stone is a product of nature. As such, it contains fissures, inconsistencies and variations in colour and pattern within a given slab and from slab to slab.  Granite City Ltd has no control over the existence of these irregularities and consequently assumes no liability for them.  Clients should go check the actual slab(s) themselves.
  • No stone is perfect. Should there be any dispute of imperfectness, it is IMPARTIAL to look at stone products from at least FIVE FEET.
  • Granite City is a fabricator and an installer. The product warranty will be provided by manufacturers and suppliers. The option to repair, or replace the material, or judge the warranty coverage will be a SOLE DISCRETION of the suppliers and manufacturers. (For more information about product warranty please refer to the suppliers: Bay Stone Canada, CaesarstoneCambria, Corian, Gaba Stone, GS Import & Export, Hans Stone, Hari StoneJNR, Mondial, Royal Stone, Silestone, TCE, and Vicostone).

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